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The Bellfire B Ballistic Shield™ is designed and manufactured in the USA according to strict quality guidelines using state of the art manufacturing equipment and processes. Built to exceed military and law enforcement standards the Bellfire Shield is top of line when it comes to weight, performance, and cost. The Bellfire Shield is designed to withstand ballistic and shrapnel threats of all types based on level of protection.  Ballistic shields can be used in a variety of tactical operations and are versatile to help improve chances of high velocity handgun (Bellfire BIIIA™) and rile threats (Bellfire BIII™) when deployed by operators from military, law enforcement, and other security personnel.

The Bellfire Shield is designed for safety, coverage, protection, maneuverability and tactical advantage. The shield body is manufactured using our Advanced Ballistic Matrix Material and processing techniques. The ambidextrous lightweight handle allows use of either arm with various grip options, enhancing tactical movements and longer use without fatigue. Bellfire Shields are designed with the operator in mind when it comes to a quick and reliable solution for tactical operations.

The Bellfire B Ballistic Shield™ is NIJ 0108.01 independently tested and is designed to stop Level III threats form rifle rounds. The Bellfire B™ is an UHMWPE based material layup that includes extruded ABS and Nylon hardened components for a rigid long lasting product.

  • Protection Level: Level III Stand Alone 
  • Threat Protection: 7.62x51mm NATO M80 ball. It also provides protection against the threats mentioned in (Types I, IIA, II, and IIIA). 
  • ABMM: Advanced Ballistic Matrix Materials
  •  Ballistic view-port (4” x 16”) 
  •  Lightweight ergonomically designed ambidextrous handle
  • Multi-hit capability (NIJ 0108.01) 
  •  Black with transparent view-port
  • Quick release shoulder strap & shield carrying bag
  • Optional: Upgrade with a shield light (FoxFury Pro Series ballistic shield light available upon request)     

Size Chart
Sizes are measures in inches and weights vary by size. 

Size Weight (lbs/kg)
18 x 24 (No Viewport) 22 / 10
20 x 34 34 / 15.5
20 x 40  39 / 18
24 x 36 42 / 19
24 x 48 53 / 24
24 x 51 56 / 25.5

5 years on all ballistic material excluding exterior cover
1 year on exterior cover material and workmanship

Vendor: HighCom Security

Type: Shields

SKU: SH-BellfireB-007

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